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Title : The Cheating Pact

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller, TV Movie

Cast : Daniela Bobadilla (Heather Marshall), Laura Ashley Samuels (Kylie Hamilton), Max Carver (Jordan Coleman), Laura Slade Wiggins (Meredith Porter), Cynthia Gibb (Brenda Marshall), Paula Trickey (Luz Hamilton), David Rees Snell (Detective Roberts), Pancho Demmings (Detective Joyce), Jamie Luner (Ms. Walters), Cory Kahane (Scott Mulvaney), Ruben Garfias (Principal Gonzales), Charles Hoyes (Al Porter), Randon Davitt (Ben Porter), Bruce Thomas (Greg Hamilton), Tyler Sellers (Christopher), Damon K. Sperber (Peter), D. Elliot Woods (Dave Harnell), Tom Simmons (Security Officer), Christopher Kriesa (Nathan), Samantha Gros (Wendy), Charles Christopher (Proctor #1), Stephanie Carney (Officer Goodloe), Ruth Cadiente (High School Student), Robert Michael Anderson (Featured Football Player), Ace Underhill (Officer Reese), Roni Modlin (Crime Scene Officer (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Three high school students that are under pressure from their parents to get into good colleges convince a shy but very smart girl to take the College Entrance Test for them.