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Title : Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Cast : Ben Diskin (Humphrey (voice)), Marieve Herington (Claudette (voice)), Liza West (Runt (voice)), Tracy Pfau (Eve (voice)), Meryl Leigh (Princess (voice)), Shaun Gerardo (Rogue Wolf #1 (voice)), Blackie Rose (Garth / King (voice)), G.K. Bowes (Daria / Freda / Fran (voice)), Harper Fogelson (Porcupine (voice)), Willa Fogelson (Bear Cub (voice)), Maxwell Je (Winston (voice)), Julia Max (Live action reference (voice)), Christopher Corey Smith (Marcel / Paddy / Rogue #3 (voice)), Hugh Tyrrell (Salty (voice)), Kate Higgins (Kate / Stinky / Lily (voice)), R. Martin Klein (Tony / Rogue #2 (voice) (as Bill Lader))

Movie Plot : Kate & Humphrey and their three wolf cubs (Smokey, Claudette and Runt) are happily preparing to celebrate their first winter holidays together when their smallest cub, Runt, mysteriously disappears. They must now go on a new journey across the wilderness to find Runt before the winter festivities begin at home.