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Title : 13/13/13

Genre : Horror

Cast : Trae Ireland (Jack), Erin Coker (Candace), Jody Barton (Quentin), Nihilist Gelo (Joe), Bill Voorhees (Trevor), Tiffany Martinez (Kendra), Jared Cohn (Alex), Calico Cooper (Marcy), Micah Fitzgerald (Staircase Crazy #1), Ian Roberts (Staircase Crazy #2), Darren Reul (Staircase Crazy #3), Benjamin Norris (Staircase Crazy #4), Gregory DePetro (Doctor Palumbo), John Andrew Vaas (Doctor Pappas), JD Fairman (Orderly #1), Chuck Pappas (Orderly #2), Jessica Cameron (Receptionist), Jackie Bressack (Meredith), David Brite (Gurney Doctor), Buz Wallick (Chet Cheney - News Anchor), Veronica Ricci (Female News Anchor), Jack Ricardo Miller (Security Guard), Cory Jacob (Burn Victim), Mildraide Lazarre (Crazed Woman), Tim Lott (Crazed Neighbor)

Movie Plot : It's the 13th month of the 13th year of the new millennium.