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Title : My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!

Genre : Family

Cast : Judson Birza (Victor), Shae Landers (Nancy), Tracy Nelson (Denise), William McNamara (Gordon), Lynn Lowry (Isabel), Donna Wilkes (Miss Fortune), Seth Austin (Renny), Lauren Greg (Lucy), Joseph Rich (Mitch), Cody Beverstock (Gary), Conner Sorensen (Student), Nick Galarza (Jimmy), Dee Wallace (Tabitha the Cat (voice))

Movie Plot : NANCY MONROE’s mother DENISE just got married — and Nancy has a new stepbrother, VICTOR, a Goth guy who dresses in black, wears lots of sunscreen, apparently talks to his cat, and has the ability to cloud women’s minds. So Nancy is convinced that he’s a vampire — but is she a paranoid wingnut, or is she the only person who sees Victor’s true nature?