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Title : Reliance

Genre : Drama

Cast : Alba August (Selinda Kindlund), Helena af Sandeberg (Karin Kindlund), Johan Gry (Paul Kindlund), Ingrid Lundgren (Astrid Kindlund), Anton Baggeryd Singfjord (Markus Kindlund), Anton Lundqvist (Sören Tillström), Margareta Olsson (Elisabeth, Sören's grandmother), Johan Friberg (Carl), Karin Bergquist (Victoria), Julia Eek (Emelie), Conny Vakare (Christoffer), Carina Jingrot (Anna), Sofia Rutberg (Rebecca), Oliver Praetorius (Nicke), Björn Wahlberg (Fredrik, Nicke's dad), Pelle Evertsson (Johan, Selinda's boyfriend), Michael Fradkin (Tobias, Rebecca's boyfriend), Moa Myrén (Psychologist), Mikael Forsberg (Man at the party), Ylva Gallon (The Teacher), Anna Widing (Police Superintendent), Anders Tolergård (The Priest)

Movie Plot : A girl, Selinda, runs into her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night, claiming that a strange man just climbed through her window. The event causes a commotion in the entire residential area where they live. Some immediately assume that the outsider running the convenience store is the perpetrator. Others doubt the girl's story. In the midst of this drama, middle-aged Paul is trying to find his way back to his daughter, who is growing up, and away from him.