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Title : Player

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Rasmus Bjerg (Michael-Helge), Casper Christensen (Theo), Ellen Hillingsø (Marianne), Lars Brygmann (Bob), Lise Koefoed (Louise), Mille Lehfeldt (Lydia), Jens Jørn Spottag (Winter-Schmidt), Ditte Arnth (), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (), Lisbeth Wulff (), Lars Ankerstjerne Christensen (), Lise Schleisner (), Emilia Huusfeldt ()

Movie Plot : Player follows a righteous, self-controlled and rather boring lawyer (Bjerg), who is sent to Nice on a divorce case. As he arrives, everything starts go wrong – he is cheated out of $2 million company money and the future looks bleak, when he meets his old buddy, a gambler of easy virtue (Christensen).