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Title : Spike Island

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music

Cast : Elliott Tittensor (Tits), Emilia Clarke (Sally), Nico Mirallegro (Dodge), Adam Long (Little Gaz), Jordan Murphy (Zippy), Oliver Heald (Penfold), Orla Poole (Rachel), Antonia Thomas (Lisa), Rob James-Collier (Mr Milligan), Philip Jackson (Mr. Jackson), Lesley Manville (Margaret), Steve Evets (Eric), Billie May Coghill (Melissa), Sophia Murphy (Amy), James Mair (Frank), Jack Harper (Jay), Jordan Hill (Kev), Andrew Knott (Voodoo Ray), Matthew McNulty (Ibiza Ste), Michael Socha (Carl), Sean Cernow (Jimmy Two Tone), Nick Blood (Dave Famous), Chris Coghill (Uncle Hairy), Tigga Goulding (Tracey), Craig Cheetham (Graham), Jodie Whittaker (Suzanne), Danny Cunningham (Keith Teeth), Paul Popplewell (Roses Manager), Ciara Baxendale (Late Girl), Kaya Scodelario (T-shirt Vendor)

Movie Plot : Teenage musicians travel to England's Spike Island in the hope of attending an outdoor performance by their favorite band, the Stone Roses.