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Title : Cat and Mouse

Genre : Drama, Action, Comedy, Romance

Cast : Andy Lau (Zhan Zhao), Anthony Wong (Judge Pao), Cecilia Cheung (Bai Yutong), Chapman To (Han Zhang), Lam Tze-chung (Xu Qing), Wu Yue (Pang Yu), Guo Donglin (Prince Xiangyang (as Guo Donglin)), Li Bingbing (Yue Hua (as Li Bingbing)), Cheung Tat-Ming (Emperor (as Cheung Tat Ming)), Ma Qianshan (Empress (as Ma Qianshan))

Movie Plot : Zhan Zhao (Andy Lau) is a court officer who learns of a plot to assassinate Judge Bao (Anthony Wong). While on holiday he meets a young man named Bai (Cecilia Cheung) who turns out to be a woman. Zhan Zhao tries to recruit Bai to help him stop the assassination of Judge Bao.