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Title : Make a Wish

Genre : Horror

Cast : Moynan King (Susan), Hollace Starr (Dawn), Virginia Baeta (Monica), Melenie Freedom Flynn (Linda), Amanda Spain (Andrea), Lava Alapai (Chloe), Nora Stein (Michelle), Eric Vichi (Steve), Neil Wilson (CK McFarland), Bob Peterson (Zeke), Susan Durham (Ranger)

Movie Plot : A woman, lost at night on a country road, is murdered. The next day, six women gather at a wilderness park for a camping weekend in honor of Susan's birthday: Chloe, Susan's first girlfriend; Dawn, her most recent one; Linda, Susan's former lover now back with Steve, who has followed Linda and spies from a distance; and, Monica who used to be with Susan but is now with Andrea, who's tagged along. They all know who cheated on whom in the Susan saga, plus they flirt or complain in turn. A fugitive may be on the loose in the park, with a private eye in pursuit. A crossbow, a blowtorch, a knife, and an animal trap figure in subsequent murders. Who's the killer, and who survives?