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Title : Bruce Almighty

Genre : Fantasy, Comedy

Cast : Jim Carrey (Bruce Nolan), Morgan Freeman (God), Jennifer Aniston (Grace Connelly), Philip Baker Hall (Jack Baylor), Catherine Bell (Susan Ortega), Lisa Ann Walter (Debbie), Steve Carell (Evan Baxter), Nora Dunn (Ally Loman), Eddie Jemison (Bobby), Paul Satterfield (Dallas Coleman), Mark Kiely (Fred Donohue), Sally Kirkland (Anita), Tony Bennett (Himself), Timothy Di Pri (Bruce's Cameraman), Brian Tahash (Bruce's Soundman), Lou Felder (Pete Fineman), Lillian Adams (Mama Kowolski), Christopher Darga (Vol Kowolski), Jack Jozefson (Homeless Man), Mark Adair-Rios (Hood), Enrique Almeida (Hood), Noel Gugliemi (Hood (as Noel Guglielmi)), Rolando Molina (Hood), Emilio Rivera (Hood), Mary Pat Gleason (Heavyish Woman), Don Dowe (Camera Operator), P. J. Byrne (Panicked Newsroom Staffer), Albert P. Santos (Hood), Madeline Lovejoy (Zoe), Jovan Allie (Martin), Koby Allie (Martin), Dan Desmond (Bill (Ferry Owner)), Selma Stern (Irene Dansfield), Alfred Dennis (Old Man), Rina Fernandez (Pretty Woman), Robert Curtis Brown (Phil Sidleman), Michael Brownlee (Newscaster), Ted Garcia (Newscaster), Maria Quiban (Newscaster), Shaun Robinson (Newscaster), Saida Pagan (Newscaster), Ken Rudulph (Newscaster), Gina St. John (Newscaster), Michael Villani (Newscaster), Christina Grandy (Office Staffer), Allen Lulu (Office Staffer), Jamison Yang (Office Staffer), Bette Rae (Hazel), Andrew Romero Hateley (Teenager (as Andrew Hateley)), Nick Huff (Teenager), Greg Collins (Coach Tucker), Dougald Park (Stalled Car Guy), Susan Ware (Party Woman), John Rosenfeld (Business Man), Carey Scott (Partying Sports Guy), David A. Clemons (Rioter), Bradley Stryker (College Rioter), Michael Guarnera (Riot Leader), Laura Carson (Nurse), Zachary Aaron Krebs (Paramedic), Ben Livingston (Paramedic), Nelson Mashita (Doctor), Glen Yrigoyen (Trainer), Dohn Norwood (Police Training Center Officer), Michael Olifiers (Police Training Center Officer), Howard S. Lefstein (Phil's Soundman), Miah Won (Connie (Masseuse)), Darcy Fowers (Attractive Woman at Restaurant), Laura-Shay Griffin (Attractive Woman at Restaurant), Darius Rose (Tyler), Micayla Bowden (Day Care Kid), Sammy Boyarsky (Day Care Kid (as Samantha Boyarsky)), Dylan Ferguson (Day Care Kid), Cubbie Kile (Day Care Kid), Emily Needham (Day Care Kid), Alex Villiers (Day Care Kid), Monique Daniels (Day Care Teacher (as Moe Daniels)), Ara Celi (Woman at Party), Jessica Leigh Mattson (Woman at Party), Allison McCurdy (Woman at Party), Patti McLafferty (Woman at Party (as Patti O'Donnell)), Janelle Pierzina (Woman at Party (as Janelle Perzina)), Annie Wersching (Woman at Party), Ashley Yegan (Woman at Party), Micah Stephen Williams (Boy on Bike), William Thomas, Jr. (Technical Director), Tom Beyer (Stage Manager), Max Grodénchik (Control Room Operator), Michael Bofshever (Control Room Operator), Colby French (Control Room Operator), Manny Suarez (Control Room Operator (as Manny Suarez)), Shashawnee Hall (Camera Operator), Carrie Quinn Dolin (Teleprompter Operator), Vanna Salviati (Bobby's Aunt), Scott DeFoe (K-9 Tech), David Carrera (Phil's Cameraman)

Movie Plot : Bruce Nolan toils as a 'human interest' television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y., but despite his high ratings and the love of his beautiful girlfriend, Bruce remains unfulfilled. At the end of the worst day in his life, he angrily ridicules God—and the Almighty responds, endowing Bruce with all of His divine powers.