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Title : The Navy Lark

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Cecil Parker (Cmdr. Stanton), Ronald Shiner (CPO Banyard), Leslie Phillips (Lt. Pouter), Elvi Hale (Leading WREN Heather), Cardew Robinson (Lt. Binns), Gordon Jackson (Leading Seaman Johnson), Hattie Jacques (Fortune Teller), Nicholas Phipps (Capt. Povey), Harold Kasket (Gaston Higgins), Harold Kasket (Lt. Bates R.N.), Llewellyn Rees (Adm. Troutbridge), Clive Morton (Rear Admiral), Clive Morton (Mabel), Gordon Harris (Group Captain), Wanda Ventham (Mabel)

Movie Plot : An Inshore Minesweeping Unit has been forgotten by the Navy after World War II on the peaceful island of Boonsley and they have adapted to their circumstances. The men still wear uniforms and the proper reports are filed, although the reports of hundreds of mines are exaggerated. The captain spends his time fishing, the Number One is busy romancing the only Wren on the island and The Chief Boatswain runs a wine smuggling business. Unfortunately the Navy start to get suspicious.