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Title : The Sixth Sense

Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Cast : Bruce Willis (Malcolm Crowe), Haley Joel Osment (Cole Sear), Toni Collette (Lynn Sear), Olivia Williams (Anna Crowe), Donnie Wahlberg (Vincent Grey), Mischa Barton (Kyra Collins), Trevor Morgan (Tommy Tammisimo), Glenn Fitzgerald (Sean), Bruce Norris (Stanley Cunningham), Angelica Page (Mrs. Collins), Greg Wood (Mr. Collins), M. Night Shyamalan (Dr. Hill), Peter Anthony Tambakis (Darren), Jeffrey Zubernis (Bobby), Lisa Summerour (Bridesmaid), Samia Shoaib (Young Woman Buying Ring), Janis Dardaris (Kitchen Woman), Sarah Ripard (Visitor #3), KaDee Strickland (Visitor #5), Kate Kearney-Patch (Society Lady), Nico Woulard (Hanged Child), Keith Woulard (Hanged Male), Patrick McDade (Shaken Driver), Jose L. Rodriguez (Husband), Firdous Bamji (Young Man Buying Ring), Hayden Saunier (Darren's Mom), Neill Hartley (Visitor #2), Heidi Fischer (Visitor #4), Michael J. Lyons (Visitor #6), Samantha Fitzpatrick (Kyra's Sister), Holly Cross Vagley (Society Lady #1), Marilyn Shanok (Woman at Accident), Carol Nielson (Hanged Woman), Jodi Dawson (Burnt Teacher), Tony Michael Donnelly (Gunshot Boy), Ronnie Lea (Secretary), Carlos Xavier Lopez (Spanish Ghost on Tape (voice)), Gino Inverso (Young Vincent), Ellen Sheppard (Mrs. Sloan), Tom McLaughlin (Anna's Father), Candy Aston-Dennis (Anna's Mother), Gina Allegro (Bride's Friend (uncredited)), Bob Bowersox (Restaurant Patron (uncredited)), Matt Casale (Man Crossing the Street (uncredited)), Kym Cohen (Bride's Maid (uncredited)), Colleen June McQuaide (Tommy's TV Mom (uncredited)), Jonathan Nation (Restaurant Patron (uncredited)), Sean Oliver (Ghost in the Dungeon (uncredited)), Alison Robertson (Waitress (uncredited))

Movie Plot : An eight year old boy named Cole Sear, who believes he can see dead people, aids the help of a child psychologist named Malcolm Crowe.