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Title : Made in Hong Kong

Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance, Comedy

Cast : Sam Lee (To Chung-Chau), Neiky Yim Hui Chi (Lam Yuk-Ping), Wenders Li (Ah-Lung), Carol Lam (Mrs. Lam), Doris Chow (Mrs. To), Chan Sang (Cheung Siu-Wing), Wu Wai Chung (Keung), Chan Tat Yee (Fat Chan), Amy Tam Ka Chuen (Hui Bo San), Kelvin Chung (Doctor), Eric Lau (Wong Wing-Nam)

Movie Plot : Autumn Moon is a young, go-nowhere triad whose self-regard far outstrips his talents or accomplishments. While working as a debt collec­tor, Moon meets feisty teen Ping, who suffers from renal failure and needs a kidney transplant, though her chances of receiving one are slim. Nevertheless, Moon falls for Ping and idealistically resolves to improve himself and become her ‘saviour.’ But that goal may be futile for someone of Moon’s station and temperament.