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Title : Nunzio's Second Cousin

Genre : Crime, Comedy

Cast : Vincent D'Onofrio (Sgt. Tony Randozza), Miles Perlich (Jimmy), Eileen Brennan (Mrs. Randazzo), David Fresco (Mr. Porcin), Harry Waters, Jr. (Levon (Randazzo's Date)), Christian J. Meoli (Homophobe 2), Seth Green (Homophobe 3), Jarred Blancard (Homophobe 4), Joshua Schaefer (Homophobe 5)

Movie Plot : As Sgt. Randozza, a beefy, gay Chicago cop, leaves a bar with his lover, a gang of high-school punks decide to do some "fag-bashing". Tony's gun cools them off, and after giving them a brutal verbal dressing down, he forces the leader of the gang, Jimmy, to come to his house the next night for dinner. Jimmy soon gets a harsh lesson in sexual tolerance.