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Title : Here Come the Munsters

Genre : Horror, Comedy, Family

Cast : Edward Herrmann (Herman Munster), Veronica Hamel (Lily Munster), Robert Morse (Grandpa), Christine Taylor (Marilyn Hide (Munster)), Mathew Botuchis (Eddie Munster), Troy Evans (Detective Warshowski), Joel Brooks (Larry Walker), Sean O'Bryan (Detective Cartwell), Mary Woronov (Mrs. Dimwitty), Jeff Trachta (Brent Jeckyll), Max Grodénchik (Norman Hyde), Judy Gold (Elsa Munster Hyde), Amanda Bearse (Mrs. Pearl), Irwin Keyes (One-eyed Man), Jim Fisher (Villager), Yvonne De Carlo (Restaurant Guest)

Movie Plot : The Munsters come to America to search for Herman's brother-in-law Norman Hyde, only to find out that he has turned himself into Brent Jekyll, who is running for congress, and Grandpa must make a formula to change Norman back.