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Title : Blackbelt

Genre : Action

Cast : Don Wilson (Jack Dillon), Deirdre Imershein (Shanna), Matthias Hues (John Sweet), Richard Beymer (Eddie Deangelo), Alan Blumenfeld (Will Sturges), Jack Forcinito (Bobby Machado), Bob McFarland (Mullavey), Jose Garcia (Coroner), Mitchell Bobrow (Rene), Victor Mohica (Emil Zolan), Brad Hefton (Frank Ellis), Mia M. Ruiz (Hooker), Brooke Ramel (May)

Movie Plot : Don "The Dragon" Wilson is back and forced to take on the greatest legends of the martial arts world. Wilson fights off all comers while defending rock superstar Shanna (Deirdre Imershein) against the insane attacks of a fanatical veteran John Sweet (Matthias Hues-I Come In Peace).