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Title : Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Genre : TV Movie, Drama

Cast : Pam Dawber (Kendra Dollison), John Shea (Roger Dollison), Stephen Dorff (Sandy Dollison), Brian Bonsall (Teddy Dollison), Matthew Laurance (Marvin Bernstein), Anthony Geary (Stephen Pugliotti), Georgann Johnson (Mavis Richardson), Bruce Fairbairn (Ellis Stockman), William Prince (Arthur Richardson), Graham Jarvis (Judge Allen), Ruth de Sosa (Susan Larrimer), Natalie West (Paula Stockman), John Hammond (George Olin), D. Franki Horner (Miriam Stossburg), Janet Eilber (Dr. Martha Billington), Cassy Friel (Melinda Stockman), Dee Dee Rescher (Helen Wells), Dale Swann (Lt. Dineen), Henry Brown (Sgt. Ernie Ronay), David Wells (Dr. Alex Wells), Tom Reese (Chief Halloran), Beans Morocco (Marty), Suzanne Sanders (Parent), Aron Mandelbaum (Stu), Freddie Dawson (Uniformed Officer), David LeBell (Janitor), Jeannette Kerner (Nurse Carmen), Jeff Cook (Adult Bookstore Patron)

Movie Plot : Roger Dollison, a police officer, and his wife, Kendra, are living the American dream. They have two children, Teddy and Sandy, a lovely home, and a dog named Rex. What they know and how they live as a family is irreparably changed one day when it is discovered that a classmate of Teddy's is the apparent victim of sexual abuse and molestation at the respected neighborhood daycare center. Like all other parents, the Dollisons are tormented — "we should have known, we should have seen" — but their devastation is complete when Teddy tells his own story, one he promised his abusers he would never tell.