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Title : The Legend of Wisely

Genre : Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Cast : Samuel Hui (Wisely), Ti Lung (Pak Kei Wei), Teddy Robin (David Ko), Joey Wong (Sue Pak), Alan Kuo (Little Master), Bruce Baron (Howard Hope), Heidi Makinen (Howard Hope's assistant), Blackie Ko (The Two Headed Snake), Lee Hoi-Hing (Hing), Paulo Tocha (), Wellington Fung Wing (Fake David Ko)

Movie Plot : Wisely, the famous writer/adventurer, is tricked by his friend (played by Teddy Robin Kwan, the film's director)into helping him steal the dragon pearl. Sam Hui plays Wisely in this big budget HK movie, with production units filming some scenes by the Great Pyramids, and many scenes in Nepal. There are car chases and crashes, chases by horsemen and plenty of fights along the way. The Legend of Wisely is a live action comic book. A lot of effort went into making this movie, and it shows as Wisely goes from one hazard to another, a HK version of Indiana Jones.