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Title : Dreamchild

Genre : Drama, Fantasy

Cast : Coral Browne (Alice Hargreaves), Ian Holm (Reverend Charles L. Dodgson / Lewis Carroll), Peter Gallagher (Jack Dolan), Caris Corfman (Sally Mackeson), Nicola Cowper (Lucy), Jane Asher (Mrs. Liddell), Amelia Shankley (Little Alice), Imogen Boorman (Lorina), Rupert Wainwright (Hargreaves), Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Mr. Duckworth), James Wilby (Baker), Shane Rimmer (Mr. Marl), William Hootkins (1st Radio Actor), Alan Shearman (1st Reporter), Sam Douglas (4th Reporter), Ron Berglas (3rd Editor), Steve Whitmire (Mock Turtle/Caterpillar), Fulton Mackay (Gryphon (voice)), Alan Bennett (Mock Turtle (voice)), Julie Walters (Dormouse (voice)), Tony Haygarth (Mad Hatter (voice)), Frank Middlemass (Caterpillar (voice)), Ken Campbell (Radio Sound Effects Man/March Hare (voice))

Movie Plot : Exploring the somewhat darker and more mysterious side of the Lewis Carroll's classic book, the movie follows Alice Liddell (the book's inspiration) as an old woman who is haunted by the characters she was once so amused by. As she thinks back on it, she starts to see her relationship with the shy author/professor in a new way and realizes the vast change between the young Alice and the old.