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Title : Dance of Death

Genre : Action, Comedy

Cast : Angela Mao (Fei Fei), Dean Shek (Shih Tien), Shih Hao Ko (Ko Pao), Paul Chun (Ku Cheng-Yuan)

Movie Plot : Something of a curiosity from the earlier days of the Hong Kong film industry, Dance of Death stars Angela Mao as Fei Fei, an orphan boy who seeks revenge upon a villainous kung fu sect that killed his friends. He chances upon two old kung fu masters who are fighting to determine who's the better fighter; one is a drunk, the other puffs constantly on a pipe. Fei Fei convinces them to teach him kung fu, and then he'll fight using both of their techniques and will discover which is superior. So Fei Fei ends up fighting his way up the ranks of the evil sect with the two old men trailing after him, evaluating the battles and counting how many of their individual moves Fei Fei uses. The final battle with the white-haired master of the sect, using new kung fu moves inspired by dancers in a brothel, is amazingly gymnastic. --Bret Fetzer