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Title : The Big Sleep

Genre : Thriller, Crime

Cast : Robert Mitchum (Philip Marlowe), Sarah Miles (Charlotte Sternwood), Candy Clark (Camilla Sternwood), Richard Boone (Lash Cansino), Joan Collins (Agnes Lazelle), John Mills (Inspektor Carson), Oliver Reed (Eddie Mars), James Stewart (General Sternwood), Edward Fox (Joe Brody), Harry Andrews (Norris), Colin Blakely (Harry Jones), Richard Todd (Commander Barker), Tom Laughlin (Lou), Diana Quick (Mona Grant), Simon Fisher-Turner (Karl Lundgren), Martin Potter (Owen Taylor), Dudley Sutton (Lanny)

Movie Plot : Private eye Philip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum) investigates a case of blackmail involving the two wild daughters of a rich general, a pornographer and a gangster. This neo-noir remake of the iconic 1946 Bogart film transfers the setting of Raymond Chandler's novel from 1940s California to 1970s London.