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Title : Emanuelle in America

Genre : Drama, Mystery

Cast : Laura Gemser (Emanuelle), Gabriele Tinti (Alfredo Elvize, Duke of Mount Elba), Roger Browne (The Senator), Riccardo Salvino (Bill), Lars Bloch (Eric van Darren), Paola Senatore (Laura Elvize), Maria Piera Regoli (Diana Smith), Giulio Bianchi (Tony), Efrem Appel (Joe), Matilde Dall'Aglio (Woman Watching Snuff Movie), Carlo Foschi (), Maria Renata Franco (Zodiac girl #2), Giulio Massimini (Waiter at Venice Party), Stefania Nocilli (Client of the Brothel), Bruno Alias (Party Guest in Venice (uncredited)), Fernando Arcangeli (Antonio Ramirez (uncredited)), Salvatore Baccaro (Charlie (uncredited)), Erminio Bianchi Fasani (Party Guest in Venice (uncredited)), Nestore Cavaricci (Guard at Male Brothel (uncredited)), Lorraine De Selle (Gemini (uncredited)), Raniero Dorascenzi (Party Guest in Venice (uncredited)), Dirce Funari (Woman in Snuff Movie #2 (uncredited)), Gota Gobert (Woman at Banquet (uncredited)), Marina Hedman (Woman in Beach Hut (uncredited)), Ulla Johannsen (Zodiac girl #4 (uncredited)), Renate Kasché (Masturbating Redhead (uncredited)), Guia Lauri Filzi (Woman in Snuff Movie (uncredited)), Barbara Lay (Zodiac girl #3 (uncredited)), Koike Mahoco (Zodiac girl #5 (uncredited)), Giuseppe Marrocco (Party Guest in Venice (uncredited)), Rick 'Ercolino' Martino (Gigolo in Beach Hut (uncredited)), Cristina Minutelli (Woman in Threesome (uncredited)), Vittorio Ripamonti (The Senator (uncredited)), Umberto Santolamazza (Man in Snuff Movie (uncredited)), Alfred Thomas (African Chief (uncredited)), Karina Verlier (Zodiac girl (uncredited))

Movie Plot : An American journalist travels throughout the world in search of a good story by joining a modern-day harem and traveling to Venice to see what really goes on at diplomatic parties. While trying to expose a corrupt government official, Emanuelle stumbles upon a group that uses kidnapped girls to make and sell snuff films