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Title : Carry On Screaming

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Cast : Harry H. Corbett (Sidney Bung), Kenneth Williams (Orlando Watt), Jim Dale (Albert Potter), Charles Hawtrey (Dan Dann), Fenella Fielding (Valeria Watt), Joan Sims (Emily Bung), Angela Douglas (Doris Mann), Bernard Bresslaw (Sockett), Peter Butterworth (Detective Constable Slobotham), Jon Pertwee (Doctor Fettle), Michael Ward (Mr. Vivian), Tom Clegg (Oddbod), Billy Cornelius (Oddbod Junior), Norman Mitchell (Cabby), Frank Thornton (Mr. Jones), Frank Forsyth (Desk Sergeant), Marianne Stone (Mrs. Parker)

Movie Plot : The sinister Dr Watt has an evil scheme going. He's kidnapping beautiful young women and turning them into mannequins to sell to local stores. Fortunately for Dr Watt, Detective-Sergeant Bung is on the case, and he doesn't have a clue! In this send up of the Hammer Horror movies, there are send-ups of all the horror greats from Frankenstein to Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde.