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Title : Father Came Too!

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Leslie Phillips (Roddy Chipfield), Stanley Baxter (Dexter Munro), Sally Smith (Juliet Munro), Eric Barker (Mr. Gallagher), Kenneth Cope (Ron), Terry Scott (Executioner), Ronnie Barker (Josh), James Robertson Justice (Sir Beverly Grant), Hugh Lloyd (Mart Queen of Scots), Fred Emney (Sir Francis Drake), Peter Jones (Charles II), Philip Locke (Stan), Timothy Bateson (Wally), Cardew Robinson (Fire Officer), Peter Woodthorpe (Farmer), James Villiers (Benzil Bulstrode), John Bluthal (Robert the Bruce), Joseph Brady (Guy Fawkes), Raymond Huntley (Mr Wedgewood), Vanda Hudson (Nell Gwynne), Patrick Newell (King Harold), Geoffrey Dunn (Mr Trumper), Arthur Mullard (Traffic Warden)

Movie Plot : When Dexter Munro (Baxter) and his new wife Juliet (Sally Smith) get married, they decide to escape Juliet's meddling father (James Robertson Justice) by buying a rundown cottage and doing it up themselves. But when the cottage proves to be more ramshackle than they thought, and the scale of the repairs needed far out of their budget, the newlyweds are forced into calling on Juliet's father after all. Before long he's employed incompetent builder Josh Wicks (Ronnie Barker), and the situation goes from bad to worse.