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Title : Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Genre : Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction

Cast : Walter Pidgeon (Adm. Harriman Nelson), Robert Sterling (Capt. Lee Crane), Barbara Eden (Lt. Cathy Conners), Peter Lorre (Comm. Lucius Emery), Joan Fontaine (Dr. Susan Hiller), Michael Ansara (Dr. Miguel Alvares), Frankie Avalon (Lt. Chip Romano), Regis Toomey (Dr. Jamieson), John Litel (Vice-Adm. B. J. Crawford), Howard McNear (Llewellyn Parker), Henry Daniell (Dr. Zucco), Robert Easton (Sparks), Charles Tannen (CPO Mack Gleason), Mark Slade (Seaman Jimmy 'Red' Smith), Del Monroe (Seaman Kowski), David McLean (Ens. Ned Thompson), George Diestel (Lt. Hodges), Larry Gray (Dr. Newmar), Jonathan Gilmore (Young), Anthony Monaco (Cookie), Kendrick Huxham (U.N. Committee Chairman), Skip Ward (Crew member), Michael Ford (Crew Member), William Herrin (Crew Member), Richard Adams (Crew Member), Robert Buckingham (Crew Member)

Movie Plot : The crew of an atomic submarine battle to save the world from global destruction.