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Title : The Roof

Genre : Drama

Cast : Gabriella Pallotta (Luisa Pilon), Giorgio Listuzzi (Natale Pilon, Luisa's husband), Gastone Renzelli (Cesare, Luisa's brother-in-law), Maria Di Rollo (Gina), Luciano Pigozzi (), Maria Di Fiori (Giovanna, Cesare's wife), Emilia Maritini (Luisa's mother), Angelo Bigioni (Luigi), Angelo Visentin (Antonio Pilon), Maria Sittoro (Natale's mother), Luisa Alessandri (Signora Baj), Giuseppe Martini (Luisa's father)

Movie Plot : Under provincial Italian law at the time, once a roof is erected, the occupants cannot be evicted from a building. This comedy follows the efforts of a family to erect the roof on a house overnight so that a newlywed couple can have their own home.