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Title : It Started with Eve

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Cast : Deanna Durbin (Anne Terry), Charles Laughton (Jonathan Reynolds), Robert Cummings (Jonathan 'Johnny' Reynolds Jr.), Guy Kibbee (Bishop Maxwell), Margaret Tallichet (Gloria Pennington), Catherine Doucet (Mrs. Pennington), Walter Catlett (Dr. Harvey), Charles Coleman (Roberts - Butler), Leonard Elliott (Reverend Henry Stebbins), Irving Bacon (Raven), Gus Schilling (Raven), Wade Boteler (Harry - Newspaper Editor), Dorothea Kent (Jackie Donovan), Clara Blandick (Nurse), John Banner (Party Guest (uncredited)), Wilson Benge (Williams - Butler (uncredited)), Chick Chandler (Frank - Reporter (uncredited)), John Eldredge (Hotel Desk Manager (uncredited)), Bess Flowers (Nightclub Patron (uncredited)), Mary Gordon (Mrs. O'Toole - Cleaning Lady (uncredited)), John Hamilton (Thomas - Headwaiter (uncredited)), Rosalind Ivan (Mrs. Mulligan (uncredited)), George J. Lewis (Maitre d' (uncredited)), Marie McDonald (Cigarette Girl (uncredited)), Bert Moorhouse (Mr. Duncan - Middle-Aged Man (uncredited)), Mantan Moreland (Railway Porter (uncredited)), William H. O'Brien (Nightclub Waiter (uncredited)), Broderick O'Farrell (Party Guest (uncredited)), Paul Porcasi (Armand - the Chef (uncredited)), Charlotte Treadway (Party Guest (uncredited)), Ray Walker (Slim - Reporter (uncredited)), Lucille Ward (Nurse (uncredited)), Sonia Darrin (Nightclub Patron (uncredited))

Movie Plot : A young man asks a hat check girl to pose as his fiancée in order to make his dying father's last moments happy. However, the old man's health takes a turn for the better and now his son doesn't know how to break the news that he's engaged to someone else, especially since his father is so taken with the impostor.