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Title : The Old Swimmin' Hole

Genre : Drama

Cast : Marcia Mae Jones (Betty Elliott), Jackie Moran (Chris Harper), Leatrice Joy (Mrs. Julie Harper), Charles D. Brown (Doc Elliott), Theodore von Eltz (William Baker, Grandpa's Lawyer), George Cleveland (Grandpa Harper), Dix Davis (Jimmy Brown), Si Jenks (), Dorothy Vaughan (), Sonny Boy Williams ()

Movie Plot : Teenager Betty Elliott has decided to take over the business and social affairs of her father Doc Elliott. She thinks her father should marry the widowed mother, Julie Harper, of her boyfriend Chris Harper. Doc has been a real friend and father to Chris, who, under his guidance, has learned to take care of all the sick animals in town, but lack of money keeps the widow from sending Chris on to finish high school and medical training is out of the question. Wealthy Grandpa Harper sends his attorney Baker to tell Mrs. Harper that all of Jimmy's dreams could be realized if the widow, whom the grandfather dislikes, would give up custody of her son. The lawyer also begins to court Julie and this throws a kink in Betty's plans to see her father and the widow get married. Written by Les Adams