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Title : Greed

Genre : Drama, History

Cast : Zasu Pitts (Trina), Gibson Gowland (John McTeague), Jean Hersholt (Marcus), Dale Fuller (Maria), Tempe Pigott (Mother McTeague), Sylvia Ashton (Mommer Sieppe), Chester Conklin (Popper Sieppe), Joan Standing (Selina), Erich von Stroheim (Balloon Vendor (uncredited)), Jack Curtis (McTeague Sr. (uncredited)), James F. Fulton (Cribbens - Prospector (uncredited)), Florence Gibson (Hag (uncredited)), Cesare Gravina (Zwerkow - Junkman (uncredited)), Frank Hayes (Charles W. Grannis (uncredited)), Austen Jewell (August Sieppe (uncredited)), Tiny Jones (Mrs. Heise (uncredited)), Lillian Lawrence (Gossip (uncredited)), Hughie Mack (Mr. Heise (uncredited)), Jack McDonald (Placer County Sheriff (uncredited)), Fanny Midgley (Miss Anastasia Baker (uncredited)), Lon Poff (Lottery Agent (uncredited)), S.S. Simon (Joe Frenna (uncredited)), Erich von Ritzau (Dr. Painless Potter (uncredited)), James Wang (Chinese Cook (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Greed is the classic 1924 silent film by Erich von Stroheim about a woman who wins the lottery thus becoming obsessed with money and ruining her marriage and the people around her. The film was originally 10 hours long and dramatically and realistically depicted word for word the Frank Norris novel McTeague. Only about 2 hours exist today as it is considered the 'Holy Grail' of lost films.