Modern Art: A Complete Guide (2003)

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Watch Modern Art: A Complete Guide (2003)  Online Movie Trailer, Review, & Buy MoviesMovie Plot:  Aka The Challenge – A Tribute to Modern Art Herbert Klines Oscar-nominated documentary (narrated by Orson Welles) A film using rare and unique footage of artists working in their studios and commenting on their work, including Chagall, Moore, Dali, De Kooning, Matisse, Picasso, Giacometti, Duchamp and Pollock. Aka The Challenge: A Tribute to Modern Art. An unprecedented film by Academy Award winner Herbert Kline detailing the revolution in art instigated by Cezanne that became MODERN ART. Features rare and unique footage of great modern artists in their studios creating and explaining their work with narration and illuminating commentary by Orson Welles. Visits the great collection at The Louvre, the Guggenheim and The Museum of Modern Art. Illustrates the growth and dynamism of Modern Art and each stylistic development Impressionism Expressionism Fauvism Cubism Futurism Dada Surrealism Pop Art Conceptualism

Released:   2003   Genre:   Documentary